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Firstly we wanted to say thanks for checking out the site, we hope you’re enjoying it. So Bad So Good aims to showcase the very best and worst of the web.

We hunt down the most interesting pop culture trends of the day, so you don’t have to. We’re passionate about bringing you articles that cover a vast range of genres, individuals and mediums because we believe there’s more to life than Reality TV & reading about what your friends are eating on Facebook.

Our posts cover design, photography, animation, sculpture, illustrations, street art, documentaries and literature right through to the weird, wonderful and infinitely sharable. Our focus is to act as a creative hub, where you can be inspired, amused and entertained every day.

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Did we mention even the likes of Ashton Kutcher, magician Criss Angel, Garbage (the band), Crystal Hefner, Minnie Driver, Guy Kawasaki & George Takei are fans?

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When flipping through So Bad So Good, you can never be quite sure what you will encounter.

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Readers will love this collection of the Internet’s best and worst memes, advice, how­to articles and crazy cat videos.