These Beautiful Paper Artworks Will Leave You Inspired

These Beautiful Paper Artworks Will Leave You Inspired image

These Beautiful Paper Artworks Will Leave You Inspired

Gifted British paper artist Pippa Dyrlaga unquestionably has more patience and focus than most. Inspired by Mother Nature and the diverse creatures of the Animal Kingdom, she spends hours upon hours finely crafting these beautiful paper sculptures by hand.

Each delicate artwork is meticulously crafted using nothing more than a razor-sharp scalpel, virgin white paper and Dyrlaga vivid imagination.

"To be honest, the simplicity of a blank sheet of paper appeals to me. Paper is used in so many aspects of our lives and used to communicate with each other, and I want to do this through my work."

"There is nothing as ordinary as a blank sheet of paper, but it has so many possibilities and can be turned into something beautiful or meaningful, without adding anything to it. This is the challenge I set myself every day." she explains.

"My paper cut works are hand cut from a single sheet of paper. They are first drawn out by hand on the reverse of the paper, and then cut using a scalpel. They can take hours to complete, and I find the process is as important to me as the finished pieces."

You'll be pleased to know Dyrlaga offers a number of limited edition prints through her online store, so you can proudly display her art on your very own wall at home.

Be quick though, they tend to sell out at lightening speed!

Via Pippa Dyrlaga

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