96-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Is Now An Epic Death Metal Singer

96-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Is Now An Epic Death Metal Singer

Inge Ginsberg is living proof that age is merely a number and that attitude really is everything. The 96-year-old is a Holocaust survivor who worked as a spy for the American OSS against Nazi Germany.

You could hardly blame her if she chose to live out the rest of her days in peace and calm away from the horrors of war.

But Ginsberg isn't one to let life merely pass her by. After the war she moved to America with her husband Otto and decided to throw their energies and renewed sense of purpose into the Hollywood music industry.

Their biggest success was writing Dean Martin's hit 'Try Again'. But fast forward into the present, with three former husbands and homes dotted around the world, Ginsberg is once again forging a path on her own terms.

It's important to stay active and keep doing things you've never done before. You may laugh at me but not until you do the same thing when you're 96!

Today she's writing powerful poems and belting out death metal songs that bristle with messages of defiance, resilience and hope. The same qualities that in many ways have shaped and continue to define her inspiring life story.

Speaking of epic tunes, have you seen this medieval cover band slay Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall?"?

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