Here's 9 Strange Pets In The Most Unusual Of Places

Here's 9 Strange Pets In The Most Unusual Of Places image

Here's 9 Strange Pets In The Most Unusual Of Places

When you think of household pets, you might think of the conventional - a family dog, the slightly disinterested kitty or perhaps at a push maybe a domestic bird or fluffy hamster. But in millions of households throughout the USA live a multitude of unusual and peculiar pets - love and adored just as much by their owners.

Minnesota local and gifted photographer Areca Roe has spent the past 3 years trying to find these weird and wonderful pets for her unique series ' Housebroken' - which showcases these strange wild creatures in domesticated situations.

She conducted the majority of her research via Instagram including reaching out to local zoos to find out about their local resettlement programs.

"What does the owner find so alluring about a snake, despite the fact that it does not return the owner’s affection in a way we could recognise?" she asks.

Her series is a thought-provoking and oddly humorous look at how these unconventional animals are living in the most conventional of circumstances. Should they be free to roam their natural habitats undisturbed? Or are they simply happy being loved, fed and cared for in a vastly different world?

A world where their fate isn't left in the hands of nature, but in the hands of their owners.

Via Areca Roe

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