This Is What Watching The Simpsons Whilst High Is Like

This Is What Watching The Simpsons Whilst High Is Like image

This Is What Watching The Simpsons Whilst High Is Like

Spanish illustrator Juan Carlos Paz has an unquestionable passionate and limitless enthusiasm for the visual arts. As the art director at BAKEA his day is filled with conceptualising, sketching and fleshing out ideas for his unique characters.

Each of his digital illustrations is the work of countless hours in front of his Mac, whereby he pieces together each scene, blending colour tones and creating a balanced composition. The end result is a stunning array of both the weird and wonderful.

His latest series sees him re-imagining pop culture icons including SpongeBob, Rick & Morty and even The Simpsons. But far from just re-creating them, he seemingly "explodes" their body parts, deconstructing their features in a blaze of colour and surrealism. Heads float in mid air, eyeballs pop out at the stems and the cute becomes the horrifying.

Today we're just featuring a small selection of Paz's work, but you can see the full range of bold and mischievous work through his official Behance channel right here

In the meantime, sit back and let your eyeballs enjoy!

Via Juan Carlos Paz

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