This 'Labia' Necklace Is The Most Disgusting Accessory Ever

This 'Labia' Necklace Is The Most Disgusting Accessory Ever image

This 'Labia' Necklace Is The Most Disgusting Accessory Ever

Fashion by it's very nature is a rather ambiguous and hard to define beast. An outfit that might seem garish and impractical to one person, could be viewed as cutting edge and dramatic to another.

Certain trends can capture the imagination of millions, others end by being shipped back to the warehouse.

However, it's safe to say the majority of people wouldn't embrace the idea of wearing severed body parts as a fashion accessory.

Blogger Tracy Kiss however, is in the minority.

She went under the knife to remove "excess skin from her labia" after being in pain for several months. Kiss would regularly develop painful cysts on her labia as a result of her exercise routine.

The friction and excess skin would rub together and cause her major discomfort over the following days.

Rather than continuously find remedies for her affliction, she opted to have the excess skin on her labia removed entirely. In one swift chop, the problem was solved and a pain-free exercise routine could begin again.

So far so good.

But after her operation, rather than dispose of her remains she opted to keep them. But if that wasn't unusual enough, she then decided to display part of her surgically removed labia as a pendant around her neck.

After sharing the entire ordeal online, needless to say the feedback she received wasn't exactly supportive...

Oh and just in case you were wondering about the credibility of the entire story, she even made a video which details how she made the necklace in the first place. Just a word of warning, if you're a little squeamish it's probably best to skip. If you're morbidly curious, just don't say we didn't warn you OK?

Is wearing a slice of your own genitals around your neck an example of extreme fashion or is it just downright bizarre?

p.s. Speaking of wearing body parts, have you seen this Ed Gein inspired jacket? It's quite possibly the most terrifying thing ever.

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