Watch Eadington Grow Up Over 8 Years With A Selfie Each Day (14-22 Years Old)

Watch Eadington Grow Up Over 8 Years With A Selfie Each Day (14-22 Years Old)

When Eadington was 14-years-old, she was less than enthused with her appearance. Being an early teen is hard and most of us can probably identify with how this design student felt about the way she looked.

And so, she began documenting her appearance with a simple selfie every day.

“My decision to start was mainly because I didn’t like what I looked like at 14 – and I hoped that as I grew up, if I a had a log of where I’d came from, I’d be able to compare back and feel better about myself in the future, which I think I can do now,” she explains.

That was eight years ago. Now 22, Eadington has a thorough documentation of her transformation from girl to woman. The time lapse only takes about three minutes to watch, but it covers every day of her life during those eight years.

"When I started the project there were a couple viral videos of the same nature already out there, though many of the ones I had seen were guys, so I was interested in how it would be if a girl did it,”  she says.

“Since then though, it has become more just like a way for me to document my life, the last several years I’ve tried to take the picture at interesting times during each day, so that when I look through them I can be reminded of that moment or what I was feeling that day.”

Once she released the video, the internet responded positively and she immediately garnered over 160,000 views in just three days.

Where's she planning to go from here? Eadington wants to continue the project. For her, something as simple as a selfie each day works as motivation to continue to improve herself.

Check out her Youtube channel here

Via Irish Examiner

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