Artist Worked For Two Weeks To Create This Immersive 360 Drawing

Artist Worked For Two Weeks To Create This Immersive 360 Drawing

Paradise is a massive, immersive work of art that allows the audience to walk into a drawing that sprawls around the room for a 360-degree experience.

The piece was created by artist Oscar Oiwa for the JAPAN HOUSE in São Paulo. The work progressed slowly due to the detailed nature of the ink work. Even with five assistants working alongside the artist, Paradise still took over two week to finish. And in total, the team used 120 marker pens to design the massive canvass.

Though that may sound like a lot of time, for Oiwa, drawing is his most natural form of expression.

“I’ve always enjoyed drawing, which I consider the most basic way of expressing myself visually,” Oiwa says of the process. “A pencil and a blank sheet— there is no simpler medium than that.”

Check out the Youtube video attached to see the artist at work. It's a fascinating process.

Via Colossal

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