Meet Fribo, A Robot Cat Who Can Help You Fight Loneliness

Meet Fribo, A Robot Cat Who Can Help You Fight Loneliness

This is Fribo, a robot cat specifically designed for those who live alone. Fribo's job is to remind you of what your friends are doing every now and then, hopefully causing you to be curious enough to shoot them a text.

Unlike a Facebook notification, Fribo responds to your physical movements in the house and then passes them along to your group chat. It's more private and requires less time to keep your friends in the loop. Plus, when Fribo updates your friends, it doesn't use your name, only the term "your friend".

The primary function of Fribo is to share the daily activities to alleviate isolated feeling and loneliness that one experiences while living at home alone.

For example, late in the afternoon, Fribo might tell you: "Oho! Your friend opened the front door. Did someone work late today?" With little prompts like these, the black cat robot intends to stir up curiosity. Why not shoot your friend a text and ask them how their day went?

Another interesting aspect of Fribo is how it takes away the awkwardness of feeling like you're oversharing with friends. With Fribo, you aren't aren't updating your friends, your robot cat friend is.

We're not sure how Fribo will do on the market for young professionals, but we can imagine a version of the cat doing quite well as a companion for older folks. Fribo could keep them and their friends updated on each other's movements and help keep single residents from feeling isolated from society.

It’s like sharing daily life activities with friends.

For example, after Fribo was tested for four weeks with the help of Yonsei University and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), the test groups who used it said things like this:

“I can imagine what my friend is doing and I feel like we live in the same house, but in another room. It’s like sharing daily life activities with friends.”

“I usually wake up late in the morning, but when I began to notice my friends getting ready early, I started thinking about starting the day earlier with my friends.” 

“[Fribo] helped break the silence and emptiness I felt at home after work. It is a different experience from the TV because it gives information about my friends’ activities. The robot seems like a living creature.” 

What do you think? Would you ever adopt a Fribo cat?

Is it convenient or overly nosey? Would you and your friends be able to adapt to getting updates from a robot?

Learn more about Fribo here.

Via Digital Trends

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