Faceless Portraits Of People Wearing All Their Clothing At Once

Faceless Portraits Of People Wearing All Their Clothing At Once image

Faceless Portraits Of People Wearing All Their Clothing At Once

"Soft Shells" is a series by Canadian artist Libby Oliver which captures the subject wearing all of their clothing at ones.

Which means, yes indeed, there are actually people under those massive piles of colorful clothing you see in the photos.

What's the point of asking her models to wear their entire wardrobe at once? Though you might be tempted to guess that her message is related to consumerism and waste from the fast fashion industry, Oliver has a different point to prove.

This Canadian artist is exploring the relationship between identity and fashion.

Every morning, people all around the world wake up and then do something quite strange– they pick out clothing to cover their bodies. And they do it every day.

"I enjoy the mundane, habitual and borderline ritualistic underpinnings of our culture," she says of her inspiration. "I am interested in our struggle for independence and control within the greater limitations of prescribed social constraints."

"Through investigating our perceived individuality, I am also exploring concepts of consumerism, polarized culture and social class systems….I use humour and satire to make my work accessible to a wider audience in an attempt to create a space for social inquiry and critique for the relatively unconsidered patterns of society."

Find more of her work here.

Via Design.VN & Laughing Squid

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