LOL American Presidents Shown As Epic Action Heroes

LOL American Presidents Shown As Epic Action Heroes image

LOL American Presidents Shown As Epic Action Heroes

We can all probably agree that as a whole, the American people attribute more power to the President than he actually wields.

Presidents promise all kinds of radical change while on the campaign route. But after they take office, reality strikes: these are just regular humans, like the rest of us.

They can't solve world hunger, end war, and provide free healthcare for all by waving a magic wand. In the end, they have to do paperwork and make compromises, just like the rest of us.

But what if presidents really looked and acted like the superheroes we idolize them as? That's where Jason Heuser's epic series comes in.

Abe Lincoln is ripped like a body-builder, Obama can be found riding a lion while wielding a lightsaber and crossbow, and George Washington is slaying zombies.

History class has never been so exciting.

Heuser has been adding to this kitschy series since 2011 and the work just keeps coming. If you're looking to inspire your inner American hero on the regular, head over to his Esty shop to buy a print.

Via Humor Gunaxin

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