You Don't Need To Be A Serial Killer To Get A Skeleton Lamp

You Don't Need To Be A Serial Killer To Get A Skeleton Lamp image

You Don't Need To Be A Serial Killer To Get A Skeleton Lamp

You don't need to wait for Halloween to have something a little spooky in your house. Take these life-sized skeleton lamps for example, which are sure to freak out your friends and visiting guests.

Each skeleton is fully posable, so you could have some seriously fun moving them around and getting them to strike any pose you want.

There's three different versions (why not have a seperate one, in a different pose in each room?) one that comes in silver, the other in bronze and finally one that is off-white.

They all come with their own lampshade, but you can always swap them out to be a little more colourful or interesting with your own design. Buying one of these from Zia Priven is certainly a lot less risky (or creepy) than sourcing your own skeleton.

Which reminds us of the horrific story of serial killer Edward Theodore Gein. Along with murder Mr. Gein enjoyed visiting local cemeteries in the depths of the night. He wasn't there to mourn, in fact his sole focus was to exhume recently buried bodies that reminded him of his mother.

During his confession he admitted to visiting three local graveyards around 40 times. After digging up corpses late at night, he'd take them back to his home where he tanned their skins before creating his custom paraphernalia.

When police arrested and eventually check out Gein's house this is what they found:

  • A belt he’d crafted out of female nipples.
  • A wastebasket made out of human flesh.
  • He used human skin to cover his chair seats.
  • He decorated each of his bed posts with a human skull.
  • Multiple female skulls, in which some had the top part removed.
  • Speaking of which, he had made bowls out of human skulls.
  • Leggings he’d fashioned from the leg skin of victims.
  • Masks he’d made out of human faces.
  • Mary Hogan’s face was found in a bag.
  • Mary Hogan’s skull was found in a box.
  • Bernice Worden’s head was found in a burlap sack.
  • Bernice Worden’s heart was found in a plastic bag.
  • Nine salted vulvas were found in a shoe box.
  • A young girl’s dress.
  • Two vulvas which were likely from 15-year-old girls.
  • Four human noses.
  • A pair of lips were being used as a drawstring on a shade.
  • A lampshade was made out of human facial skin.
  • A collection of fingernails from female fingers.
  • A human body-suit that wasn’t completely finished.

No skeleton lampshade mind you.

Via Zia Priven

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