Superb Photos Of Hong Kong That Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Superb Photos Of Hong Kong That Will Hit You Right In The Feels image

Superb Photos Of Hong Kong That Will Hit You Right In The Feels

There are two traits that make Chinese photographer Harimao Lee stand out in a world full of part-time photographers armed with their smartphone cameras.

The first is that he's entirely self-taught. Each photograph is combination of experimentation and a burning desire to capture the ephemeral. A stark contrast to the seemingly consistent and predictable world of studio photography.

His passion for the medium first started after his friends took him onto a roof to soak in the view of the Hong Kong skyline. It's a trend known as 'roof topping' whereby individuals often illegally gain access to the top level of a building.

It was in that single moment, with the cityscape laid out in front of him, that Lee realised his city was far more complex and intriguing than he had ever imagined. It would serve as the inspiration for him to photograph this giant metropolis from all kinds of unique angles and perspectives.

But whether he's using drones to capture gorgeous overhead shots or scaling vertigo-inducing heights - there is a consistent tone and theme to his work.

His evocative images sing with all kinds of moods and tones. From the frenetic energy of daily life in the streets to the calming evening glow of Hong Kong's night lights, to its unique architecture and endless repetition - his work is a visual commentary on life in the urban jungle itself.

He's now expanding his work to include other countries and cities throughout Asia as well.

"I think everyone can take a good photo, but it is different if people truly love your photo. I just keep trying to add more elements, like love and culture, so that my photos can arouse the viewer's sympathy."

"It’s more important to transfer a message or story to the audience than the beauty of the photo itself." he tells My Modern Met

You can explore more of Lee‘s dazzling cityscapes through his official Instagram account @harimaolee. He's also released 5 Lightroom presets which you can use to enhance your own photos using his recommended presets.

You you can find more about the Lightroom Preset Pack right here.

Via My Modern Met

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