This Pilot's Popular Instagram Shows What Its Like To Work 37,000 Feet Above Earth

This Pilot's Popular Instagram Shows What Its Like To Work 37,000 Feet Above Earth image

This Pilot's Popular Instagram Shows What Its Like To Work 37,000 Feet Above Earth

Meet 34-year-old Christiaan van Heijst, a Dutch pilot who gets a front row seats to some of the most awe-inspiring natural ephemera to grace the skies.

But he doesn't just watch all this pass by outside the glass – he documents it all too.

Since becoming a pilot 20 years ago, van Heijst hasn't put his camera down. And thanks to the perspective perks of his job, these shots of electric sunsets, phantom stardust trails, and angry lightning storms are first class.

You can't get much closer than this. And according to van Heijst, his job is a constant source of inspiration to keep picking his camera back up, over and over again.

Want to stow-away on one of van Heijst's adventures? Follow his airborne antics over here for more pulse-pounding views.

Over 300 British tourists that spent the holidays in Phuket, one of the most idyllic and beautiful tropical islands in the world, passing by on their way back home. White sandy beaches, palm trees and a cocktail in one hand enjoying the peaceful beauty of their tropical vacation. Below them are the barren and war-torn mountains of central-Afghanistan for as far as the eye can see. The contrast couldn't have been any larger and most of them are probably completely ignorant of what part of the world they are overflying. Window blinds shut, crying children, watching movies or dozing off. The tropical blue color of this TUI 767 illustrates the contrast with the brown country below even further. Without any of them knowing it, a Boeing 747-8 freighter is passing over their heads in the opposite direction, roughly 1900km/h difference of speed and 300 meters higher. In that freighter, a copilot glued to his windows and enjoying the view over this unique country and immortalizing their passage. #afghanistan #tui #tuifly #aircraft #airplane #aviation #avgeek #aviationdaily #aviationgeek #air2air #landscape #aerial #pilotlife #photo #photography #instadaily #instapic @aviapics4u @instagramaviation @tuiuk @tuinederland

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With the year 2017 almost over, we're about to slip over the horizon into a new year. A new year with unlimited possibilities, new ventures and possibly major changes coming on our path. Either by choice or chance. This image was taken last week over a cloud covered Myanmar. The delicate curve of the earth, bright burning colours from the awakening new day and a bright band of Zodiacal light that seems to be shooting up from across the horizon. In reality, this very faint band of light is coming from space; its the reflection of sunlight from countless of dust particles that hang between the planet paths in our solar system. Recent scientific research has shown that the dust has its origin from comets and the endlessly collisions between asteroids over the course of time. This thin 'mist' reflects the light in a very dim glow and is only visible to the naked eye when there is no light pollution or moon in the sky. It was one of the clearest cases of Zodiacal light that I have ever seen. Helped by the fact that there was no moonlight or light pollution from the ground. Captured with the following settings; D850, 10.5mm, 6 seconds, f/2.8, ISO4000. #zodiacal #stars #night #sky #space #light #sunrise #flying #flight #nikon #d850 #instadaily #photo #photography #longexposure #instasky #flying

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Blue Dream . The full moon is illuminating the snow-capped tops on the hills and mountains of Mongolia. Taken from the side window, the wingtip and engine number 4 are slightly visible on the far right. . Where most people enjoy the coming and going of seasons by the transformation of their garden or trees in the street, I see the passage of time throughout the year by the changing vistas that unfold below my airplane. The rolling hills in Siberia and Mongolia are typically decorated with their white caps for a short time in autumn and when winter properly sets in, the entire landscape will be white and covered in snow. In a few rosters from now, when summer has arrived once again, the hills will bathe again in a lavish green with some stray rivers that are fed by the molten snow for a few months. . Time seems to pass by so fast, living from roster to roster; the few days at home become even more valuable and before I know it another year is gone. #mongolia #moonlight #mountains #landscape #landscapephotography #night #nightflight #stars #aviation #avgeek #aviationphotography #photo #photography #photodaily #instaphoto

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The image that was selected as one of the Best Of in the International Photography Awards roadshow 2017. It was a ‘lucky’ shot; another 747 freighter from Air Bridge Cargo passed directly over us, just 1000ft/300m higher, somewhere over remote Siberia. The sun was setting and gave the horizon and strong contrails a beautiful orange glow. And to top it off, the crew was flashing the 747’s landing lights at us as ‘hello’, like truckers on some far distant road that cross paths. #747 #boeing #boeing747 #ipa #ipa2017 #photography #photo #photoawards #airbridgecargo #contrail #air2air #contrails #inflight #flight #flying #aviation #avgeek #aviationgeek #aviation4u #aviationphotography #aviationdaily #aviationpic #jpcvanheijst @aviationdaily @aviation4u @instagramaviation @aviation.daily

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