Eerie Photos Of A Secret Underground Nuclear Missile Site In South Dakota

Eerie Photos Of A Secret, Underground Nuclear Missile Site In South Dakota image

Eerie Photos Of A Secret Underground Nuclear Missile Site In South Dakota

These eerie photos by Adam Reynolds recall an era when the world was on the brink of nuclear armageddon.

International tensions were high. Missiles stood at the ready. And South Dakota provided the most direct route for Russian-bound rockets, which, if launched, would make their way to Moscow by crossing over the North Pole.

To get these shots, Reynolds visited the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site which is now a national park. Back in its heyday, thousands of Air Force personnel cycled through the bunker.

The "minute men" would be stationed in teams of 8. They'd spend free time in the rec room playing Battleship (no joke) and microwaving TV dinners.

Of course, all the real excitement is underground. Below the living quarters lies the missile control room and further from the living quarters, a large, subterranean launch facility which takes up nearly one-half mile of space. This is where the Minuteman II missiles were kept.

These days, the Minute Man Missile Site isn't so secret. In fact, if you're willing to make the drive, you can book a tour just like Reynolds did. Check out those details here.

Via New Republic

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