Book Luxury By The Hour In This Retro Tokyo Capsule Hotel And Sauna

Book Luxury By The Hour In This Retro Tokyo Capsule Hotel And Sauna image

Book Luxury By The Hour In This Retro Tokyo Capsule Hotel And Sauna

Capsule hotels are a concept unique to Japan that began catching on back in the 1970s.

The capsules were made of modular materials like plastic or fiberglass and stood in as "tiny hotel rooms" for those who couldn't afford to book a traditional hotel. In other words, capsule hotels were invented as a budget travel option.

But this Tokyo capsule hotel is changing all that.

Renovated by Schemata Architects, the team was tasked with giving this old hotel a modern face-lift. Everything has been re-styled except the capsules, giving the hotel a modern yet retro feel.

And the biggest upgrade here? The Schemata team added a sauna, which correlates nicely with the new name, ℃, or Do-C. More than just a luxury addition, the sauna is actually part of an inside joke within Japanese capsule hotel lore.

"In Japan, people often stereotypically associate capsule hotels with saunas due to the conventional style of capsule hotels in the past," Schemata says.

"The existing building was actually not equipped with saunas, but we intentionally recreated the stereotypical image by adding saunas there, while eradicating the conventional impression, to establish a powerful combination of capsules and saunas representing the identity of ℃."

Looking to be in Tokyo anytime soon? Guests can rent a capsule for as low as $18 USD per night or for just a few hours for a nap. Check out booking info here.

Via Dezeen

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