This Couple's Birth Photo Parody Is Super Weird And Hilarious

This Couple's Birth Photo Parody Is Super Weird And Hilarious image

This Couple's Birth Photo Parody Is Super Weird And Hilarious

What starts off as a pretty normal shoot takes a totally unexpected twist when you realize what the two humans are actually giving birth to.

Just imagine spotting these on your Facebook feed just as they were originally posted. You'd start with the closeup view of the humans, and then scroll through the photos to understand that this is actually a cat adoption scene.

Yep, that'd be a very weird experience.

Elizabeth Woods-Darby is the genius behind this hilarious birth photo parody shoot and she explains a little more about the shoot on her website:

"I had the sweet (and hilarious) honor of photographing the beginnings of a brand new family on Friday. This little man was adopted from Soul Dog Rescue. He is 22" long, 6 pounds 7 oz and man is he the sweetest cuddler," she writes.

"Thanks to Lucy Schultz for trusting me to be there to capture these special first moments. ​As a photographer and videographer, capturing birth and those raw first moments as a family, are incredibly rewarding.

"​Although this shoot was unconventional, I've always been impacted by the beauty and raw strength of birth and adoption. It’s brave and messy and vulnerable and my favorite images are always the ones that tell that story. If you have interest in shooting a newborn, birth or adoption session, feel free to reach out."

Find more of Woods-Darby's work here.

Via Scary Mommy

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