Brilliant Portraits That Celebrate African Immigration To Europe

Brilliant Portraits That Celebrate African Immigration To Europe  image

Brilliant Portraits That Celebrate African Immigration To Europe

This series of studio portraits feature real people who have immigrated from Africa to Europe.

Shot by photographer Dagmar van Weeghel, the series was inspired by her own husband's immigration story. He's originally from Zimbabwe but moved to Europe nine years ago.

Weeghel felt that the story of African influence on European culture is overlooked and came up with this dreamy portrait series to celebrate it.

"The portraits show dignity, strength and beauty with the aim to remind viewers of the important contributions which Africans have made in European history," she says. "....For centuries the West has often gazed at Africa looked through a lens which distorts the reality of the continent’s people and its history.

"With the current surge of immigrants in the West," she continues, "these preconceived notions and stereotyping often remain and are fueled by a lack of knowledge, understanding and the fear of the unknown, the fear of the other. An important part of European History which was influenced and build by Africans has been tampered with, erased or forgotten by the west in the past centuries.

"By offering another perspective I hope to inspire people to learn more about our shared history, and ultimately I hope to change the way people see the world and each other. All the portrayed are wearing antique oriental pieces mixed with contemporary cloths which I’ve ‘sculptured’. The portrayed are shaped in a pyramid as well, referring to Ancient Egypt. Ongoing series, it’s who I meet."

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