Your Cartoon Heroes Are Here To Fuck Things Up

Your Cartoon Heroes Are Here To Fuck Things Up image

Your Cartoon Heroes Are Here To Fuck Things Up

Never in your wildest childhood dreams would you have imagined the likes of the friendly Winnie the Pooh or mischievous Donald Duck preparing for war. In fact the only battle Winnie the Pooh had to face was finding the next treasure trove of honey each day!

But in the hands of gifted Japanese artist Y. Nakajima (known online as 'Badland Models'), the likes of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and even Pikachu are transformed from being those childhood characters we all love, into hardened soldiers ready to battle a post-apocalyptic world.

Each custom figures takes Nakajima months to create from start to finish, such is the meticulous level of detail that goes into each model.

Below is just a small sample of his dark and futuristic work, head over to his official site to see more of his unique and awesome character design.

Via Badland Models

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