2017 In Review: The Most Popular Stories Of The Year On So Bad So Good

2017 In Review: The Most Popular Stories Of The Year On So Bad So Good image

2017 In Review: The Most Popular Stories Of The Year On So Bad So Good

It's that time of year again when we all collectively stop to catch our breath, take a quick peak in the rearview mirror before stepping on the accelerator and speed into the New Year full of hope, energy, excitement and enthusiasm.

Here at SBSG HQ, we wanted to take a few moments to say a HUGE thank you to you personally. There's thousands of fantastic blogs out there all trying to get your attention, but the fact you're here right now reading this means is really humbling.

We're actually a small team here at So Bad So Good - we don't have an office on 5th Avenue (although it would be great!) just like we don't have an army of writers pumping out sensationalist headlines and those annoying clickbait articles.

Each one of our articles and features has been researched, written and carefully curated by just a few passionate writers powering away on their laptops in Australia and New York.

By sharing our stories, downloading our apps or subscribing to our newsletter - you're helping us keep those laptops powered, the drinks flowing and the stories coming.

Without you visiting the site, discovering our articles and sharing our work - SBSG simply wouldn't exist. We mean that.

To over 1,000,000 people that follow us across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat thank you for trusting us and allowing us into your digital world.

And finally, to all the thousands of artists, photographers, sculptors, videographers, comedians and individuals whose work, art and thoughts we've featured here on So Bad So Good - we're so happy we could showcase you to the world. And we hope that in some small way, being featured has really helped given you the belief and drive to keep going. Don't stop creating, now more than ever we need people who put things into the world, rather than take things out of it.

Until then here's a look back on our Most Read stories of the year, ranked from 10 through to 1.

Revisit the classics or share some new stories - either way we hope you enjoy and thanks so much for being a part of everything that we do.

10. Fascinating Photos Of 100-Year-Olds And Their Younger Selves

Faces of Century is a photography series that pairs vintage before-and-after photos of 100-year-old Czechs. Though the faces are transformed dramatically between photos, it's fascinating to note the similarities. It's still the same person being photographed all those years later.

Read the full story here

9. 15 Illustrations That Explain Mental Illnesses As Houses

We love these illustrations because often times there aren't effective words to describe the way a disorder makes you feel.

Read the full story here

8. Leonardo Da Vinci's To Do List Will Make You Feel Like A Loser

Yep, even one of the greatest minds of a generation needed to keep track of things every now and then. In one of his notebooks dating back to around the 1490s, he wrote the following sentence "It is useful to constantly observe, note and consider."

Read the full story here

7. This Is The Creepiest Version Of The Zodiac Calendar Yet

This series of ghoulish illustrations feature all 12 of the zodiac signs as if they were nightmare creatures.

Read the full story here

6. This Guy Invented 8 Genius Selfies That Make It Look Like He Has A Girlfriend

Looking to fool the internet into thinking you have a significant other? Then this series of how-to photos is just what you need.

Read the full story here

5. Photos Of Strangers Paired With Their Social Media Pics

To illustrate the rapid decline of our anonymity online, Russian photographer Egor Tsvetkov has created a chilling series titled 'Your Face Is Big Data'. Over the course of several months he photographed total strangers on the subway, before uploading their photo into Vkontakte and utilising its facial recognition software to find their personal account.

Read the full story here

4. Well Played Internets! 'Tiny Trump' Is The Funniest Meme Of The Year

Of all the seemingly endless Donald Trump quotes, remixes, weird artworks and reactions GIFs - the latest from the production line might just be the best yet.

Read the full story here

3. Before And After: This Is What Happens When Emo Kids Grow Up

Someone asked Reddit, "Emos of the early 2000's, what are you guys doing now?". The photos and answers they got in response are utterly hilarious.

Read the full story here

2. This Breathtaking Walkway Lets You Stroll Above The Trees In Denmark

This incredible treetop walkway allows visitors to experience a Danish forest in a breathtakingly beautiful way.

Read the full story here

1. Photos From Modern Hippie Rainbow Gatherings Around The World (NSFW)

A Rainbow Gathering is an anarchist, utopian, new age event that brings modern hippies together for a celebration of love and freedom. There are no rules, no entrance fees, or power hierarchies.

Read the full story here

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