World's Smallest Phone Is So Tiny, It Weighs Less Than A Coin

World's Smallest Phone Is So Tiny, It Weighs Less Than A Coin  image

World's Smallest Phone Is So Tiny, It Weighs Less Than A Coin

As Apple continues to release bigger and bigger iPhones, we can't help but wonder – is bigger really better?

Eventually, phones reach a point where they're just too big. If they don't fit in your pocket, then what?

In a world of massive smartphones, tech company Zanco is shooting for smaller. And after much prototyping, they've achieved success. Behold, this is Zanco tiny t1 and it's the tiniest phone in the world!

“We’re proud to introduce the world’s smallest mobile phone," writes Zanco. "It’s so tiny, you won’t believe it’s real! It’s the perfect gift for any gadget lover and fits in any bag or pocket no matter how small."

“The first time you see it you can’t believe it exists. Your second thought is why does it exist? When you look a third time you realize how much you want it.”

The Zanco tiny t1 works just like your old flip phone from back-in-the-day. It stores up to 300 numbers, can hold a charge for 3 days at a time in standby mode, and guarantees 180 minutes of talk time. It's a great option for those times when you don't want to deal with a massive smartphone.

Going jogging? Tuck it into your shorts. Going out for a night of ruthless drinking? Don't risk losing your big phone, just drop this one in your pocket.

How much texting you decide to do with this tiny device is up to you. Those tiny T9 buttons look pretty difficult to navigate if you have larger fingers, but that's just part of the experience!

Oh, but before you rush out and buy one, be warned: the Zanco tiny t1 only runs on the antiquated 2G network. So if you live in countries like Japan or Australia where the 2G network has completely disappeared, this tiny phone is a waste of your money.

Find the World's Tiniest Phone on Kickstarter.

Via Oddity Central

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