Artist Restores Renaissance Paintings By Adding Star Wars Characters

This Italian Artist Adds Star Wars Characters To Real Renaissance Paintings image

Artist Restores Renaissance Paintings By Adding Star Wars Characters

These paintings by Riccardo Mayr see Star Wars characters showing up in discarded renaissance paintings.

To be clear, these are real antique paintings. And according to Mayr, by adding his own work to the 200-year old discarded pieces, he's restoring them while also presenting religious topics in a new light.

An inspiration from the past, an unexpected twist in our present, a proof for future generations.

So how did Mayr come across these antique paintings, anyway?

“In most cases, the original paintings had sustained damage over centuries of non-archival storage with the cost of restoration exceeding their relative value," he says, "so more than just a mash-up of classical works from antiquity with contemporary pop, there is an element of art preservation and new relevance."

"Such methods can be understandably controversial, but Robert Rauschenberg‘s erasing of Willem de Kooning‘s drawings helped set a modern precedent by which an artist’s alteration can be transformative.”

Via Gallery 30 South

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