You'll Absolutely Love These Photos Of Manhattan From Up High

You'll Absolutely Love These Photos Of Manhattan From Up High image

You'll Absolutely Love These Photos Of Manhattan From Up High

It's one of the most famous and iconic cities in the world, New York City with its multitude of architectural wonders, unique characters and dynamic surrounds has served as inspiration for countless movies, artists and creatives. But one of the few views people get experience is seeing Manhattan in all itself splendour from high above.

Sure you can soak in the panoramic view of the city from atop the Empire State Building (it is genuinely breathtaking) - but even then you'll still miss those intimate scenes of life happening below. But now thanks to the skilful work of 20-year-old photographer Humza Deas you can enjoy New York City from an entirely new perspective.

He masterfully navigates his drone across the entire city, highlighting a dense metropolis filled with splashes of colour and divided into soothing geometric patterns. It's both beautiful and fascinating to see and a welcome change from the tried and test street photography which many people associate with the Big Apple.

You'll be pleased to know that Deas's also have a limited number of prints available through his online store, so if you enjoy his photo below, make sure you visit his shop to support his work.

p.s. By the way, the stunning coffee table book New York Air: The View from Above by George Steinmetz is also well worth checking out

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