Deaf People Teach You How To Insult Enemies With Sign Language

Deaf People Teach You How To Insult Enemies With Sign Language

They say the first thing you learn in a new language is how to say all the dirty words. Ever wondered how to go about insulting someone in sign language?

This video is everything you need.

Shot by the Cut, this video is a series of small interviews featuring snooty sign language remarks that aren't safe for work. Some signs look like the slur the represent, others are a bit harder to figure out. But don't worry, all come with subtitles so you can practice.

Some of the subjects blush when translating the dirty words to sign language. Others look totally fulfilled.

There's just an extra level of cathartic release happening when you swear at someone in sign language. Clearly its a very expressive language that involves your whole body. How could swearing at someone this way not be fulfilling?

We dare you to try some of these out.

Via Youtube

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