These Delicate Teacups Will Insult Your Guests In The Most Brutal Way

These Delicate Teacups Will Insult Your Guests In The Most Brutal Way  image

These Delicate Teacups Will Insult Your Guests In The Most Brutal Way

Part of being a member of polite society often involves knowing when to hold your tongue and prevent yourself from blurting out a phrase or two which you'll instantly regret. It's by no means an easy task, in fact you get better at it with age - except they call it "wisdom".

Rather than happily sitting there smiling through gritted teeth as your blood beings to boil, you could always choose to invest in one of these hilarious teacups created by Miss Havisham (aka Melisa Johnson).

These not-so-subtle cups contain a variety of funny insults, name calling and various expletives that are sure to offend and entertain in equal amount. Johnson was inspired to create the series after a wise woman once told her that, "If you got hate in your heart, you gotta let it out."

Johnson also explains that "My grandmother was a (crazy) sometimes-antique dealer and I grew up in an eccentric family surrounded by lovely, but often broken, things. I guess old and creepy imprinted on me because pretty much everything I love is chipped and discarded."

"I love the juxtaposition of high brow and low. Here are these delicate and prissy cups that aren’t really what they seem on the outside and neither are most of us. They have a history and they also have spunk. Context is really everything. They can be super mean I suppose but if you don’t get my sense of humor there’s really nowhere to go from there."

And as for her favourite design from the collection? The sharply worded "We hate your baby" stands out above all others. "No one is going to say that out loud but we’ve all thought it at one time or another. Oddly enough, that cup is particularly popular with parents which surprised me." she admits.

You'll be pleased to know that you can actually purchase the cups and have them ready to bring out for all kinds of awkward and smiling social situations. Head over to Melisa's official store right here.

Once you've got these teacups, you're going to need some tea to put in them. Can we suggest that this is the perfect brew?

Via Miss Havisham

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