Eerie Photos Of Poland's Abandoned Hospitals

Eerie Photos Of Poland's Abandoned Hospitals image

Eerie Photos Of Poland's Abandoned Hospitals

Marty Nazagorska is a Polish photographer who explores abandoned buildings, attempting to capture the memories and emotions embedded within crumbling walls.

Of all the locations she's explored over the years, hospitals are still her favorite. For Nazagorska, hospitals present a very specific atmosphere.

"Exploring forgotten and abandoned places, every time I feel the same excitement accompanied by fear," she says. "Hospitals, even those working, have a specific atmosphere with the smell of medicines, inhaling the breath of suffering people, interwoven with the laugh of children in pain and the tears of happiness of young mothers and fathers." 

The lens wraps time, showing the souls of abandoned but still existing objects.

Of course, even though the places Nazagorska visits tend to be crumbling and dilapidated, she still finds it important to respect the place.

"A photographer in abandoned places don’t plunder and don’t rob," she says. "The lens wraps time, showing the souls of abandoned but still existing objects. Like a ghost trying to penetrate the heart of their history just to show the world a passing and so common nowdays forgetfulness."

"Pictures of abandoned places always raise question – how many people died near these objects and in the walls of these rooms. How many people have suffered in them. There is no doubt, abandoned places are incredible source of reflection for anyone who has the opportunity to look at them with respect to as well as for those who can admire them in so mysterious and nostalgic pictures."

Find more of Nazagorska's work here.

Via Bored Panda

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