Photos Of A Lost Astronaut That Highlight Gorgeous Landscapes From Earth

Photos Of A Lost Astronaut That Highlight Gorgeous Landscapes From Earth image

Photos Of A Lost Astronaut That Highlight Gorgeous Landscapes From Earth

Alexander Ivanec's portraits of a lost cosmonaut bring the wonder of outer space to earth. And in using a Hasselblad film camera to shoot the series, this Russian photographer pays tribute to the original Apollo 11 Moon landing which was captured on the same model.

Ivanec calls this series #diveinsideyourspace and hopes to surprise his viewers with a new perspective of earth.

This is the story of a lost cosmonaut (the Russian term for astronaut). Ivanec's dreamy photos see his hero longboarding, hitchhiking, and walking across Earth in search of a route back to Mars. In addition to telling a playful space saga, Ivanec hopes to pique his audience's interest in caring for the environment.

The whole series is beautiful and could be classified as earth porn, but it's Ivanec's photo of the cosmonaut's longboarding antics that made the series famous.

According to Ivanec, the experience of shooting that one photo was far more magical than the final result could begin to explain.

"It was taken on an expired film, in a highly humid place where the temperature was -30 degrees Celsius," he says. "The setting was illuminated by the rising sun and it filled the picture with a light pink color. It really creates an incredible feeling."

The suit used for the shoot was custom made by Ivanec and his crew, which explains the odd, mattress-shaped object on the character's back. According to the artist, the suit didn't turn out quite as realistically as he'd hoped.

"But it wasn’t a serious idea initially; we only wanted to have fun,” he says.

“When the cosmonaut appeared, the idea just sparked and I understood that one can feel as if he’s in space by making these photos on Earth. I started looking for atmospheric phenomenon to photograph. Soon I understood that space is here. I dive into it during shooting.”

Follow Ivanec's adventures on Instagram.


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