Famous Food From Studio Ghibli Artfully Recreated In Real Life

Famous Food From Studio Ghibli Artfully Recreated In Real Life image

Famous Food From Studio Ghibli Artfully Recreated In Real Life

This series by EN 93 celebrates the food of Hayao Miyazaki's films by recreating the dishes in real life.

If you're a fan of Miyazaki's animated world, you know that food is important. Not only is it consistently mouthwatering and rendered in beautiful detail, it also serves a purpose. Miyazaki's food choices give us insight into his characters and help to fill in details about their world.

Just take Spirited Away, for example. Chihiro, a young girl suddenly thrown into the spirit world, loses her parents after they eat food they weren't invited to eat. The couple gluttonously piles their plate with stolen meat. Upon eating it, they transform into pigs.

They're food choice and manner of consumption tells volumes. Watching them savagely tear at piles of meat lets us know what kind of people they already were on the inside. You are what you eat.

With this in mind, EN 93's real-life Miyazaki dishes are a whole lot of fun for audiences less familiar with traditional Japanese cooking. Though we don't recognize the food, we still crave these delightful choices. Now, thanks to EN 93, we know what the food looks like in real life.

You'll spot corn from My Neighbor Totoro, cakes and bread fromKiki’s Delivery Service, and a ham and eggs breakfast from Howl’s Moving Castle. Keep scrolling to work up an appetite.

Want to start packing Miyazaki-inspired lunches? Follow EN 93's recipes on Cookpad.

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