Rare And Intimate Photos By Prince's Personal Photographer

Rare And Intimate Photos By Prince's Personal Photographer image

Rare And Intimate Photos By Prince's Personal Photographer

These photos of Prince provide a peek into his day-to-day life at Paisley Park, the artist's private estate and recording studio.

Shot by his friend and creative director Steve Parke, the photos artfully capture Prince's iconic style and flamboyant sexual expression.

Parke first became friends with Prince in the late 80s when the two met at Paisley Park. The photographer described the estate as a "mecca of creativity" and was clearly inspired by the place.

Prince asked Parke to be his official photographer, kicking off a creative alliance that would last 13 years. During that period, Parke documented the star with over 500 photographs and filled the roll of creative director, often working through the night to create Prince's vision for an album cover or poster.

This selection of portraits will be on display at the Picturing Prince: Photographs by Steve Parke exhibit at Proud Galleries in London. If you can't make it you can pick up the amazing book right here.

Via Tmrw Magazine

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