Beautiful Neon Photos Taken While Lost On A Rainy Night In Tokyo

Beautiful Neon Photos Taken While Lost On A Rainy Night In Tokyo image

Beautiful Neon Photos Taken While Lost On A Rainy Night In Tokyo

Liam Wong is an art director for video games by day and astreet wandered at night.

About two years ago, he got his first DSLR after moving to Tokyo. Wong wasn't yet familiar with the metropolis, so it didn't take long for him to become impossibly lost one rainy night.

Rather than worry, he treated the misfortune as an opportunity to wander the streets and turn his new camera on the incredible bustle of Tokyo while rain fell softly.

"I got lost in the beauty of Tokyo at night," Wong says. "I was fascinated by how the city lit up and I just kept taking picture after picture. It was like being inside Gaspar Noé’s film, ‘Enter The Void’, or living in the cyberpunk world that Syd Mead had created in Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’."

His scenes reveal a surreal world of reflective neons and dripping rain. Not bad for a first attempt, don' you think?

"I love capturing real moments and transforming them into the surreal," he says of his work.

"The images that follow represent my first venture into photography, with my series titled 'Tokyo Nights' (TO:KY:OO) - capturing real moments after midnight in the city of Tokyo."

Since gaining notice from his Tokyo series, Wong has turned his camera to other cities like Hong Kong and London, capturing their nighttime aesthetic.

Like what you see? Wong's work is available as framed prints or on coffee mugs and t-shirts through his Society 6 shop. And you can follow him on Instagram here

Via USA Art News

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