The Most Disgusting Beauty Trend Of The Year Has Arrived

The Most Disgusting Beauty Trend Of The Year Has Arrived  image

The Most Disgusting Beauty Trend Of The Year Has Arrived

When it comes to the world of beauty, there are some trends that are surprisingly awesome and others which should never have started in the first place. For example, shaving an emoji of your cat into the back of your head can actually look really cool.

But decorating your fake nails with reams of creepy brown hair certainly isn't. Colouring your hair with UV dye will certainly turn heads in the club, but coating your lips with bling and crystals really isn't all that practical.

So when we discovered this brand new trend, it was pretty obvious which camp it belonged in. Forget eyelash, hair or nail extensions - this is a whole other level.

Welcome to the bizarre world of nose hair extensions! Now you can walk around looking like a small furry animal is trying to find a new home by crawling into your nasal cavity. Now admittedly we're not sure if these photos are an actual joke or if they're actually serious - but then again that's the ultimate conundrum with fashion isn't it?

Beauty really is in the eye (or in this case up the nose) of the beholder.

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