Petting This The Robotic Cat From Japan Will Make You Feel So Relaxed

Petting This The Robotic Cat From Japan Will Make You Feel So Relaxed

Looking to adopt a cat but don't have space or time to take care of kitty litter duties? This robotic cat might be just what you need.

Meet Qoobo, a snuggly robot cat that responds to your touch. Petting this little guy releases all the positive, healing vibes of interacting with a real cat, minus the work of actually owning one.

Qoobo was unveiled by Yukai Engineering Co. Ltd. at this year's CEATAC trade show in Japan. The plush robot weighs in at two pounds and comes complete with a wagging tail.

Though the robot doesn't have a face, paws, or ears, it still reacts like a real cat to your touch. Holding Qoobo in your lap and petting it is the perfect way to release stress!

"In development, we stuck to the good feeling of weight, size feeling and pleasant feeling when stroking when putting on and lifting on the knee," the company behind Qoobo says. "In addition, we have studied the actual tail and developed mechanisms and programs to reproduce the movement."

Qoobo is available in two colors: husky gray and french brown. The robot is expected to be available through Kickstarter in June 2018 for around $100. Keep your eyes peeled!

Via The Verge

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