This LA Artist Is Bring "Day of the Dead" Culture To Life In A Colorful Way

This LA Artist Is Bring "Day of the Dead" Culture To Life In A Colorful Way

This LA-based artist is spreading the colors and textures of "Day of the Dead" festivities with his dynamic art performances.

Butch Locsin is an artist, painter, and illustrator known as “Skeleton of Colour". His performances involve wearing custom skull masks and colourful suits while dancing with vibrant smoke bombs. The effect is incredibly cinematic and just a touch creepy.

Locsin uses his art to celebrate Mexican culture and together with his lover and fellow artist María Perez, these two are bringing "Day of the Dead" traditions to life!

Locsin's performances are explosive and spontaneous. He doesn't like to tip people off before a performance is about to happen, and his reasoning definitely makes sense.

"I don't announce where and when. I like my freedom do it when I want to," he tells his fans on Instagram. 

Why the skull? Locsin feels that it's a point of commonality among people. No matter what country or race we belong to, all people have a skull under it all.

Find more of Locsin's work here.

Via Laughing Skull

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