These Massive Straw Sculptures Are Made From Harvest Leftovers In Japan

These Massive Straw Sculptures Are Made From Harvest Leftovers In Japan

As the harvest season visits the Niigata prefecture in Northern Japan, strange and unusual animals begin to rise from the leftover rice hay.

This is the Wara Art Festival, a gathering that sees the community come together to build impressive sculptures out of only rice straw. The festival is held every year and this year's installment was their 10th anniversary. In honor of the special date, straw building teams constructed sculptures twice as large as previous years!

But why rice straw? After the rice harvest is over, plenty of wara (straw) is leftover. Traditionally, it is used to feed livestock or is plowed back into the ground to enrich the soil. But ten years ago, the people of Niigata came up with the idea to partner with art students to build massive sculptures and the idea caught on fast!

These days, the festival serves as a time to celebrate the rice harvest, promote tourism, and highlight the towns unique culture.

Learn more about the Wara Art Festival here.

Via Mixed Design

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