Awesome Futuristic Sweaters That Change Colors With The Weather

Awesome Futuristic Sweaters That Change Colors With The Weather image

Awesome Futuristic Sweaters That Change Colors With The Weather

Looking to take your sweater game to the next level? These heat-sensitive knit pieces from the tech-loving clothing brand Stone Island are just the thing.

Going by the name Ice Knit, these futuristic sweaters change colors to match the temperature of the air. Yellow darkens to orange, emerald green to military green, and ivory to gray.

Yes, these do resemble heat sensitive fashion from the 90s. But unlike a mood ring or other garments from that era, the Ice Knit line is designed to only react to external temperatures.

Don't worry, you aren't about to start showing awkward heat patches under your pits. How does that work? Stone Island attributes it to their double layer design:

“Garments are created with a double knit construction: the outer face is made in an exclusive thermo-sensitive yarn that drastically changes colour when exposed to cold, while the inner one is in pure wool.”

Thinking about becoming a chameleon this winter? Unfortunately, the buy-in is pretty steep; sweaters go for 1,470 Euro while hats can be purchased for only 220 Euro. Check out the Stone Island store here and comment below if you find a cheaper version of weather-sensitive fashion.

Stone Island on Vimeo.

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