This Guy Transformed A Fallen Red Wood Into An Impressive Octopus Using A Chainsaw

This Incredible Octopus Sculpture Was Made With A Chainsaw And Fallen Redwood image

This Guy Transformed A Fallen Red Wood Into An Impressive Octopus Using A Chainsaw

This giant octopus is an impressive show of chainsaw carving mastery! Drafted from a single redwood log, the sculpture features incredibly detailed tentacles that would have even the saltiest sea captain shaking in their boots!

The octopus was carved by Jeffrey Michael Samudosky, a chainsaw artist in Gig Harbor, Washington. The sculpture took 6 months to make and measures 7 feet tall and 14 feet long. 

Samudosky's hobby originally began after a nasty snowboarding accident back in1998. He had been bedridden for eight months and was anxious to get back on the slopes.

On the way to the mountain in Vermont, he spied word carvings along the road and thought, "I could do that". With a new lease on life and renewed mobility in his legs, he decided to pick up word carving right then and there.

Since then, the hobby has blossomed into an award-winning career. Samudosky's chainsaw art has taken him all over the world for competitions and even landed him an appearance on the Discovery Channel.

Find more of Samudosky's impressive work on his website or Facebook.

Love this octopus sculpture? Check out this stunning dragon bench which was also carved from a single log with a chainsaw. Impressive stuff.

Via Reddit, Facebook, My Modern Met

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