The 'Dadbag' Is The Strangest Fashion Accessory Of The Year

The 'Dadbag' Is The Strangest Fashion Accessory Of The Year image

The 'Dadbag' Is The Strangest Fashion Accessory Of The Year

Do you remember when it was socially acceptable WAY back in the 1980s to wear a fanny pack (although countries outside of the US called them 'bum bags')? The usefulness of a bag, but hands free and easy to access. Admittedly they weren't big, so you could only ever pack a few items in there.

Sunglasses, lipstick, sunscreen and maybe your house keys and that was it. To be perfectly honest they looked a little daggy even in their heyday, but now it seems they're coming back - but this time with an entirely new twist.

The retro piece of wearable fashion has been re-imagined as beer gut bag, officially known as 'The Dad Bag". Now why would anyone want to wear this?

Turns out there's a few guys out there who want the temporary appearance of dad bod - minus the massive beer consumption and carb heavy diet need to acquire that extra tummy.

So next time you want to appear overweight without actual being unhealthy, plus have a burning desire to look totally ridiculous, you know what to do.

Go topless, strap on one of these babies and stake your claim at having the dad bod you've always wanted! You can pick up the man bag right here (numbers are limited)

Via The Dad Bag

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