Trump's Presidency Summed Up In A Series Of Weird Culinary Creations

Trump's Presidency Summed Up In A Series Of Weird Culinary Creations image

Trump's Presidency Summed Up In A Series Of Weird Culinary Creations

Edible Government is a mostly edible commentary on all-things relating to presidential politics. This year, artist Lauren Garfinkel is whipping up uncomfortable dishes relating to Donald Trump's candidacy and presidency.

The food is weird and unappetizing. Raw fish and cake fondant are used often. Trump's face looks misshapen no matter what.

What's the point of commenting on political news with food? Garfinkel came up with the series while considering the phrase, "you are what you eat."

A culinary exploration of the people and events that shape American politics and a nod to the old adage "you are what you eat".

Pig in a Blanket | June 14, 2016

What news are we "eating" on a regular basis? You tend to become what you consume, so choose carefully.

"For quite some time, I’ve thought about this expression, and how it applies so well to the choices that we make when it comes to politics," Garfinkel says of her Edible Government series.

"Every two years, a campaign season arrives, and we offer our attention, and sometimes our money, to support the efforts of strangers who promise to do our bidding and improve our lives. With each vote of confidence comes the burden of responsibility, as decisions made on our behalf may be more (or less) than we bargained for."

If we are what we eat, then even the news topics we chose to give our attention to are will affect us. This slightly disgusting food art series is simply a physical manifestation of headlines.

Find the full series on Garfinkel's website. Each image includes a write-up for each dish.

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Via Edible Government

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