These Weird And Wonderful Cat Paintings Are Super Strange

These Weird And Wonderful Cat Paintings Are Super Strange image

These Weird And Wonderful Cat Paintings Are Super Strange

American painter and illustrator Danial Ryan is far more obsessed with cats than the average kitty fanatic. They are at the very center of his art, big cats, small cats and even groups of cats all play a lead role in his artistic creations.

Using acrylic paint on canvas, Ryan portrays our feline friends in a variety of surreal, absurd and often bizarre scenarios from his studio in Tampa Florida.

You'll find him placing cats on moon, depicting them as facial hair and even turning them into vanilla milkshakes.

That unique cocktail of blending the ridiculous and the imaginative has now become Ryan's trademark style. It's seen him develop a legion of loyal fans (and cat enthusiasts!) around the world, all early awaiting to see where his creativity mind wander too next.

We've handpicked a few of our personal favourites from his collection below, but you can see the entire on-going series via his official site or through his personal Instagram profile @artofdanialryan.

We hope you enjoy his work just as much as we do!

Via Danial Ryan

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