This Is What Humans Would Look Like If We Evolved To Survive Car Wrecks

This Is What Humans Would Look Like If We Evolved To Survive Car Wrecks  image

This Is What Humans Would Look Like If We Evolved To Survive Car Wrecks

Meet Graham, the only "person" in the world specifically designed to survive car crashes. He may look weird, but don't make fun of him– he might be the one still standing after things go wrong on the road.

Graham is a life-like sculpture commissioned by the Transport Accident Commission in Victoria, Australia to raise awareness about human vulnerability. He represents how humans would have to evolve in order to withstand low-impact car wrecks.

Weighs in at 440 pounds, Graham was created Melbourne artist Patricia Piccinini using silicone fiberglass, concrete, human hair, and steel.

His massive skull is would contain extra cerebrospinal fluid and ligaments to protect the brain. And rather than risk Graham suffering a neck injury, Piccinini did away with the body part altogether.

Additionally, he has small airbag-like sacks between his ribs for extra cushioning and an extra set of joints in his legs which allow him to escape an oncoming car more quickly.

Since birth, Graham's been on tour to raise awareness about human vulnerability when it comes to car wrecks. And according to Piccinini, he's definitely been spurring conversations.

"He was the catalyst for conversation around the forces involved in common car-crash scenarios and highlighted just how vulnerable our bodies are to high speeds – a concept often complex and hard to communicate," she says.

Graham was nominated in the digital category for the Beazley Designs of the Year awards.

Via Dezeen

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