LEGO Built A House In Denmark And You Can Swim In A Sea Of Bricks There

LEGO Built A House In Denmark And You Can Swim In A Sea Of Bricks There

Brick enthusiasts rejoice! Nestled in the town of Billund, Denmark, a massive LEGO house sprawls in all its colorful brick nostalgia, inviting guests to live their wildest LEGO dreams.

Did we mention that the house offers a sea of LEGOS for visitors to luxuriate in? We just don't recommend you visit this feature barefoot. Or at least snag a pair of these protective LEGO slippers before you book your flight.

The modular design of the multi-level building mimics the function of the famous toy bricks. Designed by architect Bjarke Ingels, the house features 21 interlocking cube structures which are held together by a keystone piece on top. Essentially, this is basic LEGO construction on a much bigger scale.

Guests are encouraged to explore the colorful terraces, climb on playgrounds, or get lost in a sea of bricks. The house also includes a gallery of brick masterpieces and a small museum covering the history of the company. Learn more about the house via the LEGO website.

We invite you into our LEGO home to be a part of the ultimate play date.

Looking for more unusual LEGO-themed designs? This awesome bike helmet makes it look like you have LEGO hair.

Via Dezeen

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