Everything You Need To Know To Make An Amazing BBQ

Everything You Need To Know To Make An Amazing BBQ

It's the weekend, your friends are on their way over and you've promised you'll cook up a storm for them.

But rather than spending time being anti-social locked away in the kitchen, why not fire up the BBQ instead?

There's something intoxicating about the smell of BBQ food and those crackling flames that unites us all.

Whether it's cold and you're being hypnotised by its amber glow, or relaxing with a summer beer in your hand, the humble backyard BBQ is the hub of any party.

It's not just stacked with delicious smells and tasty food, it's where all the banter and cracking stories happen as well. Having a BBQ is one of the most social things you can do with your friends.

There's just one problem....

Grilling meats and vegetables over an open flame is all well and good - but how do you make your BBQing really stand out from the rest? How can you take your BBQ skills to the next level?

After all, anyone can cook a good steak, but how do you serve up a truly memorable one?

The secret is all in the marinade and sauce you use! Thankfully there're all sorts of mouth-watering sauces you can drizzle, soak or baste your food in to give it a burst of lip-smacking flavour, fiery heat and sweet tang.

Try TABASCO’s garlic pepper sauce for that savoury taste or if you’re cooking chicken wings opt for their complimentary buffalo hot sauce.

It doesn't end there, there's also smoky chipotle pepper sauce perfect for steak, and the gloriously thick sriracha sauce to help you add a little heat. But our personal fav must be a healthy dose of habanero sauce, which will add a fruity Jamaica-style taste that will fire up those tastebuds.

Use any one of these sauces and trust us they're going to turn your food from simply being "tasty" into “that's incredible”.

To help give you a little more inspiration for your next BBQ, watch the video above as Jesse Burgess goes on a mission to track down some of London's finest BBQ bosses. Along the way he tries out some BBQ Jamaican Jerk for breakfast before devouring some delicious looking Filipino delights for lunch, wrapping the day up by having a Nigerian BBQ for dinner.

3 BBQs, 3 different cultures and dozens of incredible flavours to enjoy.

It’s not only a mouth-watering watch, it's a great way to understand that there's more to BBQing that just supermarket sausages and those tired bread rolls.

BBQ is all about bringing the family together, having good time and enjoying ourselves.

To make life even simpler, our friends at TABASCO have put together a great selection of recipes to help you become a total BBQ Pro.

Best of all they're super easy to follow and after trying a few out ourselves, we can vouch that they taste incredible too. Here's some of our personal favourites.

By the way, along with some helpful recipes, here's 4 quick tips we've put together to make your BBQ stand out from the rest.

1. Soak in the smoke

If you're after a dense smoky flavour, take some wood chips (hickory or oak work best) and soak in water for 5min, then spread them around your charcoal and close the grill.

2. Forget the fork

To help retain the juices during cooking, always flip your food using tongs rather than a fork.

3. Savour the flavour

Don't press down on your food using a spatular or tongs, this squeezes out the flavour and once it's's gone!

4. Save the best till last

Baste your meat and vegetables with your chosen TABASCO sauce last, this way the sugars won't have time to caramelise or burn.

Sounds seriously tasty doesn't it? So what are you waiting for? Unwrap those prime cuts of meat, unpack those fresh veggies and lift the BBQ lid - it's time to get cooking!


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