15 Chefs Reveal The Stupidest Orders They've Ever Heard

15 Chefs Reveal The Stupidest Orders They've Ever Heard image

15 Chefs Reveal The Stupidest Orders They've Ever Heard

If you've ever worked in the food industry than you know just how insane customer relations can get. Be it crazy orders or complaints that don't make sense, it seems that some customers simply refuse to make things easy.

Ever had a someone order a medium rare steak, "but absolutely no pink or red"? Then this thread from ChefTalk forum is right up your alley.

The thread asked chefs to reveal the stupidest food orders they've ever received. And wow, the responses don't disappoint! Here's a re-cap of our favorites. Which is yours?

Chadateit My personal favourite was a banquet order for a Caesar's salad (for a party of about 100 people) that, 20 minutes before plating, was updated saying that the Caesar dressing couldn't have anchovies, garlic, or egg. What do you even say to that?

Just Jim "I'm very allergic to garlic, is there any in the special?" "Yes, there is a little" "Well, as long as I can't see it I'll be okay. I'll have the special."

Shi Chang Chu I want the stuffed salmon. I don't like the taste of salmon though, so don't make it taste like salmon.

RAS1187 Order for well done burger. Not unusual, but the guest told the server, "My doctor told me I can't have any red meat" and was dead serious.

Colomboshute Today's special was sirloin a la plancha and a customer asked my wife if we could make it vegetarian...

Recky Customer complains after eating her omelette that the menu didn't explicitly state that it contained “so much egg...”

Just Jim "Can I get the special with fettuccine? I'm allergic to penne." "You're allergic to a shape?"

Sergeant Pepper Obligatory hybrid temperatures on steaks.

Will Well-done steak tartare.

Good to go Mid-rare ossu rucco.

Shanks We had a guest claim that they were allergic to all fish then order a Caesar salad, when I said that the dressing contained anchovies they got annoyed and said "I eat it all the time, it's fine!"

RAS1187 French onion soup, no onions.

Locomoco The other day I got a ticket that read: “Cheese plate (no dairy).”

Sergeant Pepper Vegetarian filet mignon.

Otto On a flight from NYC to Madrid, some woman ordered diet water...

Via Fine Dining Lovers

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