These Russian Profile Pictures Will Make You Scream "WTF?!"

These Russian Profile Pictures Will Make You Scream "WTF?!" image

These Russian Profile Pictures Will Make You Scream "WTF?!"

Today searching for love online has never been easier, there's a wealth of dating sites, matchmaking apps and lonely hearts forums willing to help you find your next lover, potential partner and future soulmate. But searching for love and finding love are two entirely different propositions.

In order to have as many matches and potential opportunities as possible, it still comes down the same crucial factor online as it does offline - that crucial first impression.

Offline it's all about how you carry yourself, your presentation, your manner, your tone, your appearance - all of those factors combine to form that first impression in the eyes of your date.

Online, there's far less spinning parts. In truth, it all comes to down to your bio and your profile picture. That's why getting your profile picture spot on is so vitally important in the search for love and companionship. You should never been misleading but you should (at the very least) try come across as friendly and personable.

You can add the finishing touches when you meet in person!

With that in mind, holding an axe, covering yourself in food, posing on the toilet, posing with dead animals or rolling around in piles of rubbish probably aren't the ideal ways to encourage someone to date or contact you. It's a shame nobody told that to these Russian ladies...

Mind you, they do say there is someone for everyone. But if this is one half of the equation, just imagine what their partners might look like!?!

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