Inside The Strange World Of "Adult Babies" And "Diaper Lovers"

Inside The Strange World Of "Adult Babies" And "Diaper Lovers" image

Inside The Strange World Of "Adult Babies" And "Diaper Lovers"

Australian photographer Polly Borland is here to shed light on the AB/DL community, otherwise known as the "Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers".

What are "Adult Babies"? These are people who enjoy reliving their favorites moments as a baby. They typically revert back to the ages to 6 months and 5 years old. And as for "Diaper Lovers", these are adults with a fetish for wearing diapers.

Susan Sontag writes about the community in her introduction to the book:

"The photographer has penetrated a space where a secret identity unfolds. An intimate, private space, whose banal activities— yowling, drooling, eating, sleeping, bathing, masturbating — here acquire the character of weird rituals, because they’re being done by adult men dressed as, and carrying on like, babies…."

"It’s a long time that the camera has been bringing us news about zanies and pariahs, their miseries and their quirks. Showing us the banality of the non-normal. Making voyeurs out of us all."

Polly Borland photographed The Babies series in the 1990s and managed to capture over 35 "Adult Babies". The series has now been organized as a book. Learn more about Borland's work from her interview in Bullett and see her book here.

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