This Instagram Account Will Make You Laugh All Day

This Instagram Account Will Make You Laugh All Day image

This Instagram Account Will Make You Laugh All Day

Australian actor and comedian Celeste Barber runs one of the funniest Instagram accounts on the planet. The premise is pretty simple, she hilarious recreates all manner of awkward, pretentious and downright daft celebrities photos from around the world.

"My sister and I would send stupid stuff to each other, like yoga instructors going ‘you should do this everyday’ and we would joke ‘yeah okay, challenge accepted!', and from there I thought it would be funny to post them on Instagram. Being an actor and a comedian it kind of came naturally, though now it has turned into something else. Holy crap! It's gone nuts!," she admits.

She's not exaggerating either, with out 2,000,000 fans on Instagram she's a genuine viral sensation. There's something to said about Barber's refreshing take on keeping things real, especially on a network like Instagram which is prone to bouts of visual trickery and filters that transform the mundane into the hyper-realistic.

Of course it's her hilarious poses and ridiculous interpretations that people love the most - so do yourselves a favor, follow her and add a few more laughs to your day.

You'll be glad you did.

A post shared by Celeste Barber (@celestebarber) on

A post shared by Celeste Barber (@celestebarber) on

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