Innovative Clothes For Kids That Grow When They Do

Innovative Clothes For Kids That Grow When They Do

Petit Pli is a line of children's clothing that expands as the child grows.

It all started when Ryan Mario Yasin bought a set of clothes for his nephew that were already outgrown by the time Yasin delivered the gift.

Yasin began to wonder if the process of design children's clothes is a little backward. Kids grow fast, so why try to keep them clothed with miniature adult pieces? Why not design clothes specifically to match their growth rate?

"Children outgrow their clothes in a matter of a few months, yet we clothe them in miniaturised adult clothing, as opposed to designing them from the ground up," he says. "With 11 million children in the UK, I thought it was time we redesigned children's garments."

To create the expandable material for Petit Pli, Yasin applied his background as an aeronautical engineer. The pleated material is a light, man-made material that Yasin experimented with around his house. The line of garments features both waterproof and windproof outwear.

Yasin is waiting for investors. Sign up here for Petit Pli updates.

Via Dezeen

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