Eerie Portraits That Will Haunt You For The Rest Of The Day

Eerie Portraits That Will Haunt You For The Rest Of The Day image

Eerie Portraits That Will Haunt You For The Rest Of The Day

You have to admire the imagination and creativity of critically-acclaimed Australian street artist Rone.

His latest body of work titled 'Omega Project' might just be his most ambitious yet, it's certainly one of his most haunting.

Using the interior of an abandoned 1900s weatherboard cottage in North Melbourne (it's scheduled to be demolished to make way for brand new residential buildings), he turned its decaying walls and unloved surrounds into a temporary canvas.

"For me, these are things that I think a lot of us grew up with. It’s not what you think of as classic Australiana, but it feels instantly recognisable as Australian." he explains.

"There’s so much about the interiors that I think a lot of people will identify with."

It's here, among the debris and domestic interior settings that he painted this series of haunting female portraits. With the building set for destruction the artworks were only on display for a limited amount of time, before being reduce into dust and cast into the atmosphere.

I love the concept of creating something beautiful within the context of decay and decline.

You can see more of his previous work and stay up to date of his upcoming exhibitions and installations via his official site

Via Rone

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