Dreamy Portraits Of Humans And Wild Animals From Russia

Dreamy Portraits Of Humans And Wild Animals From Russia image

Dreamy Portraits Of Humans And Wild Animals From Russia

Russian photographer Olga Barantseva captures magical portraits of humans interacting with animals.

Her fairytale-like scenes are made possible with a little help from trained animals. For example, the bear in these shots is named Stepan. He's a 20-year-old rescue bear who's been acting in movies for several years now.

Stepan was rescued as a starving orphan when just 3-months-old and raised by a circus trainer. Because he became too domesticated to live in the wild, he now acts and models. As you can see, Stepan has become pretty comfortable posing for the camera, which is ideal for Barantseva's imaginative portraits.

“Photo sessions with animals have become quite popular,” Barantseva says. “Almost any animal or bird, or even a reptile can be found on rent for photography and a lot of photographers use them. I’m no exception.”

“Mainly I’m interested in creative portraits,” she says. “I have an interest and passion for creative photography. The most important thing is the idea, not Photoshop.”

Find more of Barantseva dream-like portraits here.

Here's a look behind-the-scenes of Barantseva's work.

Via Peta Pixel

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