These Photos Look Like Renaissance Paintings In Real Life

These Photos Look Like Renaissance Paintings In Real Life image

These Photos Look Like Renaissance Paintings In Real Life

Though This collection of dramatic photos look like they were taken straight from a Renaissance painting. Keep an eye out for the hallmarks of this painting style: dramatic chiaroscuro lighting, contortions of the body, and a gold ratio composition.

Bodies writhe and struggle together, pizza-eaters glow in a shop window, and a lone mother cradles the head of her weary child on a subway bench– these photos are proof that art is all around us every day.

Perhaps most recognisable from the series is Joel Goodman's image from New Years 2016 in Manchester. The photo was taken in the street as police struggled to keep the peace among revelers and one man reaches for a beer, just out of his grasp.

Notice the how the action with the police is off-centered, slightly to the right. Meanwhile, a woman reaches out in a pose of supplication and a man twists for a beer on the street. When the golden ratio is applied, the composition lines-up perfectly.

Interested in finding more accidental renaissance photos? There's a whole subreddit dedicated to them here.

Via Reddit

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